Querying – Dear Mr. Sir

Film is collaborative. In spirit anyway. It’s also an artistic industry, there’s a casualness to it. Forget what you learned in school about filling out a job application and just be polite. I’ve never started a query letter with the words “Dear Mr.” anything. If you’re querying a manager, this isn’t a future boss you’re writing to, it’s a future partner. Don’t be familiar, be yourself.

Hi John, I’m a writer blah blah blah vs Dear Mr. Amazing, can I kiss your ring? – which one sounds like the beginning of a working relationship and which one sounds like you’re establishing a hierarchy? Don’t under-evaluate your worth. Just because you’re the one asking to be read, doesn’t mean you’re indebting yourself. You’re looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Also, some of these cats have pretty androgynous names. You don’t want to use the wrong honorific.



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3 responses to “Querying – Dear Mr. Sir

  1. Love this. Way too many writers put reps and producers on way too big of a pedestal. Respect is important, but only in the sense that it should be mutual. Also, I once went into a general meeting assuming someone with an androgynous name was a female. I thankfully didn’t let anything embarrassing slip before meeting him, but it definitely could have turned out poorly. Research is key!

    • T

      It’s easy to do – put those you’re trying to reach on that pedestal. They have what we want. Except the reverse is true too. And we only realize that when we get that call. Then you have to bite our tongue and not ask: “You’re sure you’re interested in my script? You don’t have the title wrong or something?”. Thanks for sharing N.G.! And congrats on your journey, been reading your blog.

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