Summer Summary


une. I took the gun out of my mouth long enough to answer the phone. 323 area code. Los Angeles. A manager. An award winning producer / manager. Someone I’ve never spoken to before. Someone who’s movies I’ve watched and loved. A hit off a cold query. He’s halfway through my latest screenplay. The last one I was planning on sending out into the world. He’s on vacation. Asks me if it’s spoken for. Asks me to hold off accepting any offers on it til next week when we can set up a proper phone meeting. I hang up and stare at my wife for about thirty seconds before I can say anything. It’s just taken so long for this moment to come.

We had our meeting. It was everything I’d read about. Optimism. Sketching out a scenario where the script would make the rounds. Where financiers and producers would come together to raise the 15 to 20 million dollars it will take to turn my story into a film. Where I would travel to Los Angeles for a week’s worth of meetings. All the complete bullshit I’d heard sculpted into different forms in the past but this time it was real. From someone with a track record. Credit.

Over the summer I worked on the script some more with notes from Manager. It only got better. Not one but two more production companies that I had queried were interested as well. One even made an offer to option. An option to purchase. What I’ve been chasing for years. And I made the decision to pass. Insane. Still can’t believe I did it. Managed to pick up the phone and pass after having been passed on for so long myself. No cockiness; it was terrifying. But I had to trust Manager. Things were coming together on his end, didn’t want to string the other company along. Latest insanity was turning down meetings with top LA agencies. Manager says we can do better. Faith. Gotta have faith.

It’s September now. Interest keeps coming in for the script. Have to keep trusting Manager. His track record. His credit. Every day things get more unbelievable and every day I fully expect the other shoe to drop. I figure with summer coming to a close things are either going to ramp up or fail to launch in the coming months. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Steady… Steady…



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5 responses to “Summer Summary

  1. Very cool, man! Crossing my fingers for you. Have you already been taking lots of generals off this thing?

    • T

      Not yet, N.G.. We’re going to try to get things rolling a bit further on it before I venture out of the woods for the west coast. Will log it all here when it happens.

      • I’m sure your manager mentioned this already, but the best advice I can give you is to have two or three GREAT ideas to pitch when you do take those meetings. In hindsight, I really wish I’d had some prepared on my first round of meetings.

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