Sophomore Jitters

ith Script #1 making its way into the world without me, I was faced with the question: What to write next?

I’m pretty versatile. I can go from comedy to action to drama to horror – horror, which is basically just comedy again but with more screaming. I know I’m equally adept at each because my success in the past was in comedy while my success at the moment is in the thriller genre. Unfortunately, Manager confirmed for me, this is rarely viewed as an asset in the business. It’s more comforting for all to pigeonhole. (Why you rarely see a poster that says: From the makers of Despicable Me comes The Purge!). So now I’m a thriller writer, straight up. So be it. Two years ago I had a serious talk with the wife about an offer to write hard core porn. I’ll take thriller writer til the day I die if it means I don’t have to have that conversation again.

All this to say that pitching anew any of my old scripts of various genres to Manager wasn’t going to work for my sophomore effort. Fortunately I have no shortage of new ideas so I’m happy to keep things fresh but wait– Things are a bit different now. No longer querying, this next script wasn’t going to be another spray and pray. Now I had the rep. This had to be a targeted strike. The onus being to confirm to Manager that Script #1 (despite being in reality more like Script #20) wasn’t just a fluke. Not to mention tapping back into what’s made Script #1 so attractive to others in general. Marketability. Has the market already changed? Should I be chasing the same themes?

This sounds like I’m a worrier. I’m not. I’m a contingency planner. These thoughts are standard for me. Part of the process. Background noise.

So I pitched a concept. Then I wrote. Then I turned Script #2 over to Manager. Today is Sunday. Reading day for most.

I wait… Pick beans in the garden… Start work on Script #3 and #4.


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