Querying – Format

I can’t speak for others. I’ve evolved a couple query letter formats that have netted me reads. They each contain five components: Greeting, Genre, Logline, Achievements and Contact Info. My first format is in that order. In my second format I go from Greeting to Achievements right away. I used the second style primarily in targeting agents. As salespeople, I’m guessing they may value track record over a straight up unsolicited pitch. It was a way of keeping them reading.

Greeting: Anything that starts with an “H” is your greeting.
Genre: Sometimes even the most well crafted logline might still seem nebulous as far as genre. Stick to the basic categories: Comedy, Action, Horror, Thriller, Family etc. Don’t over qualify. Every adjective is a liability. Don’t like to label your work? Go back to Brooklyn.
Logline: One line to summarize your entire script.
Achievements: Writing related credits. Awards. Placements. Have none? Then ignore this part. Don’t try to force it. If you’ve done your job with the logline this portion is gravy anyway .
Contact Info: This means a full name and a phone number. Don’t be coy or timid. Professionalism.

Now just form all this into a few carefully crafted cohesive sentences that run a forth the length of this entire blog post; because if I were a film executive I’d be bored shitless by now.


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