Querying – Script, Treatment, Synopsis, Logline?

At some point you may think, maybe asking an exec to read a whole script is asking too much. Maybe I’ll get more read requests if I offer them a short synopsis first. Don’t do this.

Every additional document, be it treatment, synopsis or one sheet is an additional opportunity for them to say no. Logline; script. One step.

In Canada all film projects line up for funding at the common government trough. Government means giving bureaucrats something to do with their 9 to 5 days. That means summaries and vision statements and everything you can imagine that has nothing to do with making a movie an audience might actually want to see. Circumstances may be similar in other countries. That’s why I bring it up.

Of hundreds of queries, I have only ever been asked once to submit a one sheet. And I’m pretty sure that was just a way of vetting the truly lazy. This isn’t to say that these documents aren’t important assets. Or that you won’t be asked to write them at some point. There isn’t a script I write that doesn’t go through each of these steps. But when it comes to querying: Logline; script.



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