Querying – Genre Targeting

Researching execs and companies you may find they have tendencies toward certain genres. Take note of these but remember that they’re not always hard and fast rules.

Often information about what execs are not interest in can be more helpful. It can be a time saver. But even then people’s tastes can change. Pay attention to the dates on the sources of your information and the companies they were working with at the time. Some companies are very genre specific, even if their current employees are not.

The fringe genres evoke the most prejudice. Some people absolutely won’t look at horror. Some are only interested in family. Again, time saving info.

What I found helpful about learning someone’s genre preferences was that I could tailor my logline to suit them. If they were mostly into R comedy, I could be a little more R in my logline. If they were art house snobs I could focus on character elements over the fact that it’s a romcom.

Some of the better read requests that I got were when I queried somebody outside my expectation of their genre. I assume this is because, at the end of the day, no exec is going to turn down a concept they think they can take to the bank.


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