Querying – Go Away To Come Back

Very rarely was I fortunate enough to get a pass on a script and hear: What else have you got?

The more likely scenario was to get a pass and not get the question. My impetuous mistake in those situations was to volunteer what else I had. When I started querying the US, I had such a stockpile of scripts that my knee-jerk response was always: You didn’t like that? No problem. How about this? Or this? Or this? I’d hammer them with all my great loglines.

I can only surmise that this registered one of two ways with all the execs. Either, one, I just read and passed on this guy’s script, why would I want to read another one of the same caliber? Or two, this writer’s got too many scripts lying around to be any good.

You’ve got to go away to come back. I was coming on too strong. Reeking of desperation. I eventually learned to thank the exec for reading. Told them that I would query them again in the future (told them; never asked – if you ask and receive no response then you’re tortured). And then waited 6 to 8 weeks before querying them again. Even if I had another script ready go then and there.

The unspoken, unconscious subtext here is that you’ve gone away, honed your skills and now you’re back. Better than ever. And hey, maybe you are.



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2 responses to “Querying – Go Away To Come Back

  1. mel

    This is truly a metaphor for life, even if you didn’t intend it. <3

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