Where’s The Ticking Clock?

he results are in. On the whole, positive.

I think.

At least Manager’s feedback on Script #2 didn’t start with: Are we sure we want to pursue this story? Or anything to that effect. In fact, he still seemed really amped about the concept.

It’s a pretty frightening concept. Relatable yet wildly adventurous. I could have approached it many different ways.

So, concept: Good. Characters: Good. All told there wasn’t a lot said. Weren’t a lot of notes. Just one big one…

Stakes. Motivation. Where is it?

I knew it before he said it. Knew where the weakness lay.

My last few runs at the action thriller genre – including Script #1 – have had a common element. A ticking clock. World ending stakes on a timer that the protag has to overcome.

Standard fare for the genre.

But with Script #2, I was admittedly a little anxious. Eager to impress. Didn’t want to rehash the same formula for my sophomore effort. So I got a little nebulous with the ticking clock. Lost sight of the stakes.

It didn’t go unnoticed.

Which is good. Great, actually. That’s the kind of relationship I need with Manager.

So I’ve been rewriting. Not the entire script. Been doing a rewrite outline instead. Proposed changes to run by Manager. So that we don’t spend a lot of time needlessly going over an entire screenplay to get the structure down. Already got some fixes in place that will hopefully get the clock ticking again.

There are sure to be more notes after that. I think we just have to get this big one out of the way first.

It’s a new dynamic for me. Every session a first step. Having the patience to wait for the latest draft to be read remains my greatest challenge however… Kind of a drag… Easy to see why a ticking clock is so appealing. In the movies, as in life.


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