Log Jam

ot writing today. Not working on a script. Any script. Trying to give the output a break. This isn’t to say I’m not still working on writing.

I think I may already be butting up against the pace of Hollywood.

I write a lot. Not just grocery lists either. I don’t write anything unless I think it’s got a chance of materializing. And right now, with negotiations started on an option agreement, I’m more enthusiastic about focusing on the writing than ever.

In the past six months I’ve written two new scripts. Several drafts now of each. Started another one on top of that and have two or three more in the research stage.

Here’s the problem: Time was I would just press on blindly. Write whatever I guessed might have a shot at breaking in. Now I’ve got Manager. My man on the ground. My advisor. No more need to play best guess. However, I know that Manager’s not just gonna query everything I churn out up and down Wilshire Blvd.. What I choose to write from here on out has to be on point. So I pitch Manager before I write.

Or I should.

I’m just not there yet mentally to be able to pitch Manager at the rate that I write. It feels like it would be too much. That I’d be swamping him with material. Like it could be perceived as delivering quantity over quality. And maybe it is. Or maybe that’s just my process. Vomit out two bad scripts for every solid one. Only time’s going to tell on that one.

Manager’s got other clients. Clients who’ve already proven themselves. Have made him money. Far as I’m concerned I’m still just a wannabe client. So how much can I throw at him before he says, hey, kid, take it easy!

So I’m trying to pace myself. Let myself settle into the rhythm of this industry. How many scripts do working writers average a year? Is there an average? All questions for Manager, but one step at a time.

Meanwhile I’ve got this log jam of writing building up on my end. Cluttering up my mind.

Need to calm things down.

So no writing today. No conscious thought about stories and characters. No research. No deliberation.

I’ve learned this absence of actual writing is still very much a part of the process. The wheels never stop turning even when I put my brain in neutral. So I’m sure subconsciously, I am still working. Editing. Rebooting.

And that’s what was needed right now.

Tomorrow, however, is a whole new day.


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