The Flyovers and The Far-flung

 got passed on for a freelance gig this week because of where I live.

It used to happen every once in a while when I was querying my screenplays too. An agent or manager would – I suspect – get a look at my area code and hit me with “are you in LA?” I’d answer honestly and never hear back.

In the minds of these executives it’s just not possible to make it happen from what some metropolitans demean as the flyover states. Parts of the US that are only seen from an airplane flying between coasts.

And I’m not even in a flyover state. I’m in another country! Strike two!

By choosing to not even to consider my work, these execs figured they were weeding me out. Fact is, it’s a great way of weeding them out.

Years ago, a knowledgeable acquaintance told me that I would never get anywhere in entertainment unless I moved to either New York City or Los Angeles. It was a crushing truth I’d long suspected.

I’m not adverse to other places. I’m sure I’d hate them just as much as where I’m from. I’ve just never liked to travel. As an innate contingency planner it’s simply an exhausting pursuit. I have enough going on in my brain between bed and the breakfast table. Put that bed and breakfast table in another city and forget it, I may as well be planning an invasion rather than a vacation.

And when leisure travel isn’t even your thing you don’t typically say, hey, maybe I’ll move to another country and try to start a career.

Two years later, the same acquaintance was still jetting back and forth from NYC to LA on an almost weekly basis. I asked her whether her opinion about relocation had changed. It had completely reversed! I reminded her of what she’d told me not so long ago. She balked. Couldn’t even imagine why she’d ever suggested such a thing.

The fact was, in just two years, a lot had advanced technologically. Hell, a lot’s advanced technologically since I started writing this sentence 3 seconds ago.

Ubiquitous video chat has sort of clinched it. Short of truly experiencing my clammy handshake, there’s nothing we can’t do these days from 2,500 miles apart. The only limitation in the technology is in the person using it.

And that’s all I think about when a far-flung location like mine is a non-starter for a potential business contact. Because people willing to sacrifice the quality of their project for their own comfort are not terribly ambitious people.

But I am an ambitious person.

Just not… Y’know… Ambitious enough to move somewhere else.


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