Aggressive People Respond to Aggressive People

‘ve sorted out about five different ways to kill you if you happen to attack me for some reason before we even sit down to chat. But that’s just a personal quirk. Contingency planning. I’m not an aggressive person. In fact, I come from a long line of push-overs.

After the deal was done I touched base with Lawyer. I had some questions.

I wanted to know how this negotiation faired compared to other script option negotiations. Were we thorough? Was I a pain the ass to work with? And was I aggressive enough?

I try to have these frank how’my doing? type debriefs with as many industry people as I can. As I’ve mentioned in the past, social folkways are sometimes a little foggy for me. So I like to periodically make sure I’m not letting too much of my detached robotic personality show.

Lawyer assured me there was nothing left on the table by the time we were done. Assured me that I’d asked all the right questions. Told me that I wasn’t too much of a jerk about it all either. He told me that as far as going after the gold, I was very aggressive.

I think aggressive would have been enough. The “very” qualifier was probably a friendly nudge in the direction of civility.

That said, Lawyer seemed really happy with the outcome. Not too shabby a deal for a first timer. He was quick to qualify that with a nod to my previous new media work. That I wasn’t truly a “first timer”. Probably because (being very aggressive) I might have reamed him out for such a slight.

I kid. Because, as I said, I’m not actually aggressive at all. I’m not instinctively quick to share common pleasantries. Handshakes, hugs and so help me, kisses, don’t come naturally to me. And, I’m quiet. This makes most people feel judged. All this has on occasion made me appear somewhat hostile. Even when I’m really not.

But I’ll take it.

Because I’ve learned that aggressive people respond to aggressive people. And successful business executives are just about always aggressive people. I’ve had to train myself to keep up. Not get thrown to the wolves.

And I wouldn’t say I’ve got it down yet by any means. That’s why I seek these assessments. Personal monitoring. Don’t want to let the trained aggressiveness mix too heavily with my innate disposition for autistic behavior. That’s a recipe for a psychopath.

And I’m definitely not far enough along this career path to start acting like a psychopath. I’m sure that comes later.



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5 responses to “Aggressive People Respond to Aggressive People

  1. i am sooooo aggressive and this is spot on so true!

  2. I hope everyone you ask is honest

    • A fair point. Lawyer and Manager however are paid on commission, so they have a vested interest in making sure I don’t become a psychopath. Thanks for the cautionary reminder though. It’s a good one.

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