Hurry Up And Wait

hen you say it all at once, it sounds great. First we get the script optioned. Then come rewrites. Finding a director. Getting it out to the cast wish list. Once things pick up speed, a trip to Los Angeles. Three or four meetings a day for a week. Have to make sure we have other projects ready to go. To pitch. Widen my profile. Meet the town, etc.

Sounds like a lot.

After years of trying, never knowing if it’s even gonna get somewhere, it sounds like the start of a whirlwind.

So far though… Not so much. Not even a little gusty over here.

Being an independent (creator, producer, freelancer, whatever) my whole life has always meant setting my own pace. And I like a constant pace. I like to be busy. Very busy. I don’t vacation. When you love what you do, you don’t need to get away from it. You don’t even need the rest; that’s what sleep is for.

Hurry up and wait. You hear this expression a lot in the entertainment industry. And I’ve always handled the wait portion by doing other things. Usually shaking every tree that I could to bring a project to fruition. And if it doesn’t come to be then I’d move on.

Right now, though, my best bet at success requires me to wait. There’s only so much you can prepare on your own before you need action from others. And action from others seems to be the crux of the business side of show business.

So I’m adjusting to this new pace.

It’s not great.

Idle hands are the blog’s play thing…


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