Less Important Things To Worry About

y wife is an extrovert. That means she best sorts out thoughts by vocalizing them. I like this about her because I like her and I like listening to her talk. These days however Wife’s mainly been chatting about the mundane day to day problems of her friends so occasionally I allow myself to slip off into my own concerns. (As an introvert, I can do this without moving my lips.)

Here’s where I’m at: Little while back I accepted the offer from Producers seeking to option my script. That is to say, I gave my lawyer the nod to accept their offer. Since then I’ve just been waiting.

It’s been a couple weeks.

Of waiting.

Now, I’m nothing if not patient. You have to be to write. To query. To churn away at this for years with no guarantee of any results. So I don’t mind waiting.

Except… This is kind of a big deal. And if I just accepted their offer, then where are they? Shouldn’t everything be wrapped up now? Shouldn’t we all be celebrating? Shouldn’t we be getting to work? How does this normally go? I have no idea. When should I expect to hear from them? Where’s Manager when you need him?


I wouldn’t call it worrying. Worrying denotes some form of panic. And I’m not panicked. But when you have nothing else to do but wait… The mind wanders.

It’s an opportunity to imagine scenarios. Dark scenarios. Frustrating scenarios. Catastrophic scenarios– The hub of which is often the nagging notion that perhaps… They’ve changed their minds.

And it’s not that I couldn’t bounce back from that. Not that I couldn’t walk away from it entirely. It’s that: What a ridiculous waste of time this has all been if that’s the case.

Friends ask me how things are coming. Naturally I made the mistake of telling a few friends and family about the potential option agreement. So now there are expectations.

How’re things coming with all that?

Nothing yet… Heh… Oy.

For the most part I just wrestle with the wait on my own. Keep it inside. Feel sorry for myself that I’ve come all this way and now I’ve got to stand here and wait forever.

Tired and fatigued from wondering what-if all day I tuned back into Wife’s chatter. About the mundane day to day of her friends. She’s got a friend with a minor infection. Been hearing about this for the past couple days. Seems however that despite the antibiotics used to treat said infection, her friend isn’t getting any better. In fact, I hear now that I’m listening, her friend’s getting pretty concerned. See there’s cancer in her family. And she’s even had some scares herself in the past. Now she’s waiting on test results.


That sobered me up. Have the Producers chosen to back out of the option agreement? Probably not. Probably just busy. But whatever the reason and however long it takes, I can be sure of one thing: When I do hear back from them, it absolutely and positively won’t be to tell me that I may or not have cancer.

So I should just chill out. Be happy I’m as lucky as I am to have this kind of stuff to worry about.

And listen to my wife more.


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