Worst blog ever.

I started this blog as a way to keep notes for a would-be memoir. Should my career ever escalate to a point that such a thing would be interesting to others. And I started it at a time when things were really taking off. I had a script that was getting read, I was getting calls, I’d landed a manager, I had option agreements on the table– Things were happening. These days however my biggest project is looking in to tapping the maple trees on my property this spring.


I had no idea things would slow down to this point. It’s not good blogging. I apologize to those of you diligently following. I will keep at it. When there’s something to keep at. Things actually are still happening on the film side of things. They’re just happening far away from my little forest.

Stay tuned.



February 26, 2014 · 3:12 pm

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  1. Tell us about tapping the maple trees in what looks to be Southern California until things pick up, it’ll be the funny chapter in your memoir of what happened before you were famous, and we could say “We knew him when…”

    • I can’t speak to the maple syrup yield of So Cal. As for up here in the great white north, the rest of the world may assume that every Canadian grows up tapping trees but this will be a new experience for me. But if it works – I mean if I can literally begin producing my own sugar… I’m not sure I need this whole film career to work out anyway! It’s free sugar– I mean c’mon! Thanks for chiming in, Dorothy.

      • My mom always warned me about making assumptions. It’s because of the lead picture on your blog, I assumed that’s where you live, but, when I found out I was wrong, I had a good laugh.

        So yes, Canada and maple trees, that makes sense.

        Well, film career or not, new experiences are cool, and I always thought maple trees and the maple tapping was cool, and yes, free yummy sugar.

  2. You’re a writer in a really really competitive world. Things come and go. And commercial success has nothing to do with true value or talent. And success is never a guarantee. What you have to offer, your ideas and storytelling, hasn’t changed. Keep writing.

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