The May That Was

othing’s worse than following a blog that suddenly goes dark for no apparent reason. Am I right?

Sorry about that.

May was a particularly busy month. Which you’d think would be good fodder for this blog thing. Except being very busy also means far less time to collect one’s thoughts. Much less put them into coherent bite-sized paragraphs for public consumption. Much much less make those bite-sized paragraphs quasi-entertaining.

Today I can’t offer the latter. But I have managed to steal a minute to check in.

What I’ve been particularly busy with is my freelance work. Which is indirectly related to the theme of this blog. But not really totally relevant yet. Though, interesting things seem to be happening there. Perhaps I’ll share more on that down the road.

Meantime, not a whole shitload has changed on road to Hollywood!

Got a note from Lawyer this week. Actually took me a long moment to place his name when I saw it in my inbox. If you can believe it, my option agreement on Script #1 has been six and a half months in the making.

Novice that I am, I originally expected this thing signed, sealed, delivered by Christmas.

Lawyer said they’re literally down to the final point of revision in the paperwork.

It didn’t take Manager long after hearing that to call and ask how things were coming on Script #1’s (unpaid) rewrite. I told him what I told him a month ago: Until the check clears, I’m not writing another word.

This whole conflict of interest thing is really not a comfortable situation. I find myself resenting it more every day.

But fuck it! May was a busy month on the freelance side of things. And as long as that kind of real work continues to flow, unpaid work will always take a backseat; he said arrogantly flouting the literary career he’s worked so hard toward.

So that’s where we’re at.

Oh, and my garden’s coming in nice. Still gotta make sure that if all else fails, I can at least count on growing my own food. Self reliance runs deep out here.

Gonna try real hard to get back into regular posts. I just need the film industry to try real hard in return and give me some news worth posting.

But at least I’m back. Just in time for the summer slump.


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