Conversation With Literary Manager

hen I started this blog my situation was pretty clear cut. I liked that. It was easy to post about. I was a flyover writer who’d just found an LA manager. My action thriller script was about to be optioned and things were becoming very exciting.

Nearly a year later all that is still ongoing. But there’s so much more in the mix now too. It’s gotten tougher to blog about without getting bogged down in uninteresting details.

Boggy blog. Not good reading.

So I’m trying to untangle the what’s-interesting-to-me from the what’s-interesting-to-yous of it.

This week I had a conversation with Manager. The kind of conversation I was hoping this relationship would be all about from the beginning. Instead – over the weeks and months – I got a lot of dead air. Unanswered emails. The feeling that I didn’t exactly have a Manager at all.

I’m hoping that’s in the past now.

Manager had a lot going on. A lot of it tied to my script and the producer optioning it. The creation of a new production company. A whole lot of stuff that’s only going to knock me off track if I try to fit it into this post.

So we had a conversation. And it was good. It wasn’t about Script #1. Not at all. No one cracking a whip over my head about an unpaid rewrite. No news from the Lawyers. Nothing about Script #1 except to say that everything is still on track.

The conversation was about a new script Manager’s finally had a chance to read. Script #3. And we talked about it in depth. About where to take it in the second draft. It was great.

What’s more is prior to speaking, I emailed Manager a few new ideas for what will eventually become Script #5. Asked for his favourite one. Then we talked in depth about that too.

Good talk. More than just story and characters. I got a chance to ask him about the marketability of the idea. Industry stuff. The kind of questions I’ve wanted to ask a Manager about for years.

It was a good. Helpful. Encouraging.

How soon will it happen again? Who knows. But you take the wins when you can. Even the very small and polite ones.

Script #5 is still only the kernel of an idea. Scripts 2 and 3 still need massive overhauls. And who knows if Script #4 will ever see the light of day. But for a moment here I get to feel like they’re all relevant. That they’ll all get their due consideration. They’ll all get a chance. Which is nice.

It’s a lot more than I could have expected at this time last year.


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