Oh Good, More Production Executives

emember group assignments in school?

Because I’m getting flashbacks.

With the fully executed option agreement (and some cold hard cash) on its way, the unpaid rewrite is about to get underway. I mentioned this before. That before the agreement-mandated paid rewrites, I’m expected to “implement” some of the optioning producer’s notes for free.

I’ve held off doing any such thing until I at least see some green.

But with that money finally on its way, everybody’s getting a little antsy. So a meeting was set. Me, Manager, Producer and a new name for me to remember: Producer Jr.

Now Producer Jr is new to the picture because with my script comes an entirely new production company.

Bear with me here as I explain: My manager is a producer. A well established, award winning producer as a matter of fact. He has made a first look deal with Producer, who is optioning my script. Now Producer is not as established as Manager. He’s also – like me – a foreigner. However, Producer has aligned himself with financiers – which as we know, is the other way to get noticed in Hollywood. So with financiers from his home country, Manager as a liaison to Hollywood, and my script as his flagship project, Producer is setting up a brand new production company in Los Angeles.

Literally leasing office space and hiring executives. That’s what’s going on right now. And the project set to launch this new shingle is none other than my script.

And only my script, or so Producer let slip during our last call.

So that’s either a big woohoo right there or a resounding errr what?

This isn’t to say the success or failure of this company depends on my script. At least I don’t think it does. What it means is… Well I’m not sure what it means. But sufficed to say I get the impression everybody really wants to put their best foot forward.

Enter, Producer Jr: The newly hired executive.

… And her notes.

More notes to implement into the script. Because everybody knows that what’s made every great work of fiction last throughout the ages, is lots of notes from people who aren’t writers.

They make it too easy to be a little snarky. So I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

But it was a little like being in school again. Doing a group assignment. Everybody bringing their own ideas to the table when we all know that ultimately only one person’s going to wind up doing all the work. And that was me by the way. I was that kid. (Which sucked for everyone because I was a mediocre student at best. That always seemed to surprise the lazy kids in the group who didn’t do any work. People always assume the introvert is the smartest guy in the room, but that’s not necessarily the case… What was I saying?)

Right. Group assignments. I guess that’s the deal. And I’m not going to resist it. This isn’t a great work of fiction after all. It’s a screenplay. And I’m lucky as hell to have so many people even reading my work. And on a conference call talking about my work. Staking the reputation of their newly minted production company on my work.

So I’ll be the group assignment nerd who gets saddled with the real work. I’ll scuttle off and do my best to make the whole team look good. And I’ll do it gladly.

Juuuust as soon as the check clears.



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2 responses to “Oh Good, More Production Executives

  1. irscriptwriter

    I loved this line:

    “Because everybody knows that what’s made every great work of fiction last throughout the ages, is lots of notes from people who aren’t writers.”

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