First Hollywood General Meeting

 think I just had my first Hollywood general.

A meeting about nothing in particular.

I didn’t get a lot of info from Co-Manager going in. Just that he’d shared Script #1 with a producer and said producer wanted to meet me.

I’m still getting used to this general meeting thing. The concept itself. I’m used to meeting with people for a purpose. One of us wants something from the other. But these general meetings are more like microscopic versions of the cocktail party at an industry conference. Networking meet and greets for two.

And I am not exactly a cocktail party kind of guy.

But this is the business. Can’t fight that.

The producer was a nice guy. Had his whole brief history of me spiel rehearsed and ready. He’s had a lot of recent success getting scripts sold to studios. Told me he’d love to work with me on anything that fits the very specific mandate he’s looking for.

It’s nice to hear that there are people who do know exactly what they want. So many people I’ve met so far in this industry only know what they don’t want.

My spiel, was far less eloquent… Or brief.

It’s come to my attention – too late – that just showing up, isn’t really enough. Unless you’re a good improvisor. After all, I didn’t want something from him. And as that was my understanding of meetings… I was somewhat out of my element.

And I am not a good improvisor.

Worse than being the kind of poor improvisor who freezes, I am, unfortunately, a babbler.

It’s like lost time. Or a what I imagine a drunken bender is like.

By the time I came to, I found myself explaining to him how I like to select what films to watch based on the weather outside.

It was at that point that I put an end to the words coming out of my mouth.

It could have gone better. But at least I know how I can improve for next time:

Turn a general meeting into a pitch.

I don’t mean get super tacky like a cellphone salesman. Just have something to talk about. Something I’m working on. Turn a meeting about nothing in particular into something specific.

It’s not the most groundbreaking realization. But it bears remembering.


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