About – A Filmmaker’s Memoir in the Making

Bit about me: Once a new media success story. Thousands of fans, millions of views. A pioneer of online entertainment. No more. All gone. The internet evolved while I switched gears. Pursued my passion: Feature films. Did the zero budget indie thing. No success. Am Canadian. Live in Canada. Did the Canadian film thing. Moderate success, reached the limit of what is possible here. Set sights on Hollywood. Spent three years learning to write screenplays. Autodidact. Spent two years cold querying managers, agents and production companies in Los Angeles, New York. The most soul crushing years I’ve ever had to fight through. Gave up… Then the phone rang. Have finally gained a foothold. Finally, maybe, on my way back. To the fans. The millions of views. We’ll see. This is a memoir in the making.


Bit more about meMy first blog post (why this is not my world). My second blog post (how I came to be here).

Regarding advice: When I began querying I could’ve used a detailed yet orderly resource of info, tips and ah-ha hints. In addition to my narrative I’m doing my best to amass such a repository from my experiences. Things are changing quickly in an industry of unique circumstances; bear that in mind when considering any advice including my own.


4 responses to “About – A Filmmaker’s Memoir in the Making

  1. Looking forward to this, Mr T. And more “asides” too!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed stumbling across your blog – “and then the phone rang” seems like an alright start!

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